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November 2015 Site up date. pending memberships approved. Reset login automation.

 September 12,2014, all new memberships have been updated and those that were pending now have access.  Thanks for your patience. 


May 5,2014 Memberships updated, general maintenance done.

January 13,2014. Pending memberships have been updated and approved.

October 2013,

Membership updated and approved.  Site maintenance  completed.  Hope everyone is doing well.

August 29, 2013. Pending memberships have been updated and approved. 

September 2012. 

In recent weeks I have received several emails concerning the membership process.  Let me address those. First, for member privacy, and to control spam, the members section is restricted to members only.  When you register your information is sent to me, I approve you registration. You will receive an email that says you your registration has been approved as a limited member.  Your status will stay limited until you complete your profile information. At that point you will come up on my screen and I will approve your as a regular member.  This process can take a day or two to get through.  

The benefit?  There have been just over 450 registrations that have been denied or have not been completed. Spammers??? I do not know,

Lastly, despite what some think, I am a volunteer!  I am not paid by HS-USA for the work that I do.  I do have a full time job and a family.  I try and check the site daily, but some times it may by a day or two.  Please be patient, I try and get to your questions and concerns as soon as I can. 



***January 7, 2012***


If you do not include contact information, I will not respond to your comments or questions.

 Additionally, some of you have not completed your profiles for login approval.  Check your SPAM file on your e-mail.  You should have an invitation from me to complete your profile for membership.  There are about 50 who have not. If your request for membership is more than 30 days old and you have not completed the process, the initial request will be deleted and yo will need to start over.  Sorry folks but it is what I have to do to keep the volume down and make things more efficient.    

NEW MEMBERS: In an effort to control the spammers of the world, membership is now set to require approval.  Please log in, You will then be sent an invitation by e-mail to join the site. Answer the e-mail and follow the prompts!  Looking forward to meeting you!

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Update Nov-Dec 2011

Due to Spam and Privacy concerns, the Forums Section and the Photos Section have been locked down.  You must be a member of the site to access those areas.  You must log in and you may be asked for your password to access those areas.  

New Members:  You should have received an e-mail from me inviting you to complete your profile. Check your Spam folder!!!  Complete your profile and I will approve you as a member of the site.  

Sorry for all the increased steps, but they are for your safety and protection.  It is also for the safety and protection of our community.  

 Welcome to all the new members.  Nice to have you part of the community!!  Post often.. good times and bad!  Your good day can be someone else's ray of hope!! 



Rick H. 

Update Aug-Sept-Oct 2011

 Sorry for the delay in posting this update!  It has been a very busy summer with working, family, friends and taking care of multiple sites.  I appreciate your patience.  

New- FLAGGING. In order to help maintain the site and keep spam and inappropriate posts to a minimum, each member can now flag those posts.  Three flags will automatically remove the post! Simply click on the Flag Icon at the bottom of the post.   This is our site and our community and each of us has an obligation to take care of it so that we all benefit from it. 

New- Although you wont see it, I have streamlined the login and post processes.  It should help with getting your posts posted within a couple of seconds.  

New- HOOOOORRRRAAAAYYYY we now have more than 200 members!!  Lots of newbies and many old members have returned to the site!!  Welcome to all. 

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